Category Archives: Why do affairs happen? Recorded on November 20, 2014 – Why do people cheat? There is a difference between: 1. People who have affairs, who believe having an affair is wrong. They could be involved with multiple affairs, pornography, sex addiction, chat rooms, massages with happy endings, emotional affairs, dating websites etc. – but deep down they believe […]

  Read more » Recorded on July 6, 2014 – Why do affairs happen? A view into the mind of the unfaithful. Anne Bercht: There is something very powerful about having been in the shoes of someone who once was in the affair fog, but now is far beyond that, yet is able to remember what was going on […]

  Read more » September 24, 2013 – A view into the mind of the unfaithful A view into the mind of the unfaithful – An audio seminar with Affair Recovery Specialist Brian Bercht, he openly shares his personal & professional experience.

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