Affair Recovery Success Stories


We offer complimentary Audio Seminars covering all aspects of Affair Recovery –  to assist those healing from affairs.

You can start listening now to past seminars full of Affair Recovery Success Stories spoken by the couples and individuals themselves. (Some do end up divorced, but are still able to reclaim their happiness.) Also many commonly asked questions are discussed.

To be notified or to register for our complimentary tele seminars so you can participate live, you’ll need to subscribe to the Passonate Life newsletter. (Note link in the footer of this website.) Please be sure and read the Teleseminar Etiquette before participating. Thank you for your consideration.

Locate our Affair Recovery Success Stories and All Audio Seminars

Links to all our Audio Seminars are available in the left side bar. The top category is “Articles” and under that is “Audio.” Put your cursor over any topic and a drop down menu will appear with links to every recording available on that topic.

Audio Seminars Topics include:

Affair Recovery – General Information
Audio – Special Circumstances
Audio – Why do affairs happen?
For the Betrayed Spouse
For the Unfaithful Spouse
How to rebuild a marriage after an affair
Media Discussion about Affairs & High Profile Affairs
Success Stories – From couples
Success Stories – From betrayed wives
When the wife had the affair
When you first find out

Or if you prefer to look for a specific tele seminar chronologically by date, you can click here for our tele seminars archives page.


Teleseminar Etiquette

If you plan on joining one of our tele seminars live, please read the brief tele seminar etiquette guidelines below first. Thanks in advance for your thoughtful and considerate participation!

While the teleseminar service will prompt you to state your name as you join this is not necessary. We prefer you just listen until opportunity is given for asking questions – unless directed otherwise by your host.

You may remain anonymous by not speaking if you prefer, by using your first name only, or by using an alias first name when asking a question – just something we can identify you by.
You are dialing a USA telephone number and your long distance phone charges are your own responsibility.

If possible, avoid the use of cell phones as these can cause an echo that makes it difficult for others to hear. It’s best to call in with a landline. Background noise that can’t be heard on a two person call becomes amplified on a multi-line teleconference.

If cell phones are your only source of accessing the call then you may give it a try, if it becomes a problem we will let you know.

During times when we open the seminar up for questions, if you press *6 to be heard, please be considerate and eliminate all background noise first such as (music, dog barking, children, etc.) as this would be distracting for everyone else on the call.

When we open up for questions/answers, you can press *6 to unmute your line and be heard. After your question has been answered, please press *6 again to mute your line after your contribution.

Please do not put your phone on hold, especially if it plays music when doing so. This would end the call for everyone else (all we’d hear is your music).

This teleseminar will be recorded and you will be asked to indicate you agree to this when you log onto the call.

We are looking forward to helping you!

Brian & Anne Bercht