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Dear Anne – Each day for me is a complete struggle. My husband of almost 15 years disclosed his affair recently. The affair has been going on for 5 years and his affair partner is also married. My husband advised that he disclosed the affair because he was struggling with the depression it was causing […]   Read more »

What do you do when your life reality doesn’t meet up with your life expectation? How do you successfully process life’s contradictions, disappointments and pain? At the age of 25, I married the most dynamic, handsome, interesting man I’d ever met, and was on top of the world. He was fun, charismatic, a compelling speaker […]   Read more »

Is it possible to heal after an affair … alone? Many people take the time to share their stories with us through this website. Some are able to heal their marriages and some are not (and some choose not to). Is it possible to heal after an affair if your spouse leaves the marriage? And […]   Read more »

Question: My spouse refuses to come to marriage counseling with me after his extramarital affair. How can I heal from an affair when my spouse does not try to help? Answer: The key to healing yourself and/or a marriage after an affair is actually not what you’d think. During the first 3 months following disclosure of […]   Read more »

Question: “Oh Anne, I wish I had this in 2003/2004. My 27-year marriage DID end after my husband’s affair ‘tore it asunder’. I ended up moving, went back to school, and became a counselor at a Christian agency. I now use your website and writings to help my clients. “But, my heart still hurts some […]   Read more »

*After reading the article below, I hope any individual would reconsider their thoughts of taking the secret of an affair to their deathbed and considering it noble. Unless you had an affair with a dead person, someone else knows, someone else whose motives to “keep the secret” could change over the years. In most cases […]   Read more »