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A pathway to healing after my spouse was unfaithful: I can say without hesitation that the TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK weekend was absolutely “LIFE CHANGEING” for me. When I registered for the weekend my intent was for the weekend to help me decide what I had been struggling/waffling with for the past 9 months, “should […]   Read more »

The reason why I am healed today, the reason why I am no longer stuck, is that I get it. I get it how my husband could love me and still end up having an affair. – Anne Bercht The question I am often asked is “Why is the betrayer willing to throw their marriage and family […]   Read more »

Question: I have just finished your book and thought it was wonderful. I could relate to many of the feelings, thoughts and actions that you described. It was uncanny reading the same words that I had been feeling, contemplating and in agony over at various parts of the book. My situation is quite similar to […]   Read more »

Hypothetically. This could never happen, but what if it could? What if you were told it was inevitable. An affair was going to happen in your marriage. There was nothing you could do about it. However, you had a choice. You could choose which side of the affair you were going to be on, the […]   Read more »

Question: What happens if the cheating spouse says he loves the other woman? He’s willing to stay in the marriage for the children and cares about his wife. His affair was long-distance with someone for 4 years – someone he’s known for ½ of his life, and their hearts were brought back together when they […]   Read more »

You just found out your spouse has had an affair! You’re struggling to recover, survive, cope, and just live through another day. You wonder what’s wrong with you. You blame yourself. You assume (although wrongly so) there must be something wrong with you. ‘I must not be sexy enough, attractive enough, nice enough and/or smart […]   Read more »