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My unfaithful spouse says he never had a deep emotional connection with me. Is there hope for our marriage? When the emotional affair has been so strong? Question: I found your site and I’m really glad I did. This is my husband’s second highly emotional affair. We have been married almost 15 years and the […]   Read more »

Patterns of betrayal go beyond betrayal of marriage vows by having an extramarital affair. One can be betrayed in business, have secrets betrayed by a confident, be betrayed by a friend who gossips about you, or makes promises they don’t keep. One can have money stolen, things stolen, or intellectual property stolen. One can be […]   Read more »

Myths and Facts About Extramarital Affairs (The following are some myths and facts about extramarital affairs which are based on research done by Dr. Shirley Glass, Ph. D.)   Myth: Affairs happen in unhappy or unloving marriages. Fact: Affairs can happen in good marriages. Affairs are less about love and more about sliding across boundaries. […]   Read more »

Questions This Week: 1. My spouse was a person of integrity and honor, who believed he/she would never be capable of having an affair. How could this affair happen to us? 2. My unfaithful spouse says they don’t remember when I ask questions about the affair. Is this true? Do they really not remember? 3. […]   Read more »

Question: I have watched a friend of mine go through this now for exactly 4 months. I have never been around such pain…at least when someone dies there is some kind of peace they are in a better place, etc. not this. I have been very careful to be nonjudgemental, however: a. there was more […]   Read more »

Being Real – The Most Admired Quality – Generational Patterns of Extramarital Affairs – What one Man is Doing to Restore His Family After His Affair Generational patterns have a way of repeating themselves. If an affair has happened in your marriage, there is a good chance there has been one in your parents marriage, […]   Read more »

Question: I have spent the past 10 months reading any and all relationship books in an attempt to understand my marriage and my husband and myself, too. Quick summary: Been married 20 years, have 3 kids. First marriage for both. First 19 years I considered to be wonderful and nothing he did or said told […]   Read more »

  Click here to listen to the September 20, 2010 teleseminar Gender Differences in Affairs: When the wife has had the affair … What are the unique challenges these couples face? Click here to listen to the July 22, 2009 teleseminar Listen to 2 couples candidly share their stories of how they healed, when the […]   Read more »

Question: I was looking around your site, but I wonder what BAN has to say about the old adage: Once a Cheater Always a Cheater??? ANSWER: Once a cheater always a cheater is NOT true. That said, statistically it has largely been true. This is due to the many myths and misconceptions about affairs. Generally […]   Read more »

Dear Anne – Thank you for your Website. Have you or anyone you’ve coached dealt with a husband who has hired prostitutes? My husband has been cheating for 7 years. He still will not answer questions, except that he has “hired prostitutes”. It has been a very long crisis that never seems to go away […]   Read more »