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Cheating husbands … and victory beyond the humiliation

I never thought I would be among the women with cheating husbands. Nothing in life could prepare you for such a thing, and no woman should ever have to face it. Yet it’s all to common. I was devastated, lost and confused. This is not who I wanted to be! The Take Your Life Back w

Husband had affair

Husband had affair! – What now? Oh guys, When my husband had an affair I thought my life was over … You’ve no IDEA how wonderful the Take Your Life Back healing and empowerment weekend for betrayed wives was for my healing and peace of mind!!!! I VERY much liked all the re

Betrayal – How to come out on top!

Wow! is all I can say, Anne and Brian Bercht have put together a powerful, informative weekend for surviving betrayal. (Take Your Life Back.) The weekend was so packed full of great things for every person attending. Through all the tears came happiness at last. Just to be with other

Understanding Unfaithful Spouse

A pathway to healing after my spouse was unfaithful: I can say without hesitation that the TAKE YOUR LIFE BACK weekend was absolutely “LIFE CHANGEING” for me. When I registered for the weekend my intent was for the weekend to help me decide what I had been struggling/waffl

Healing from an Affair – What a registered clinical counsellor had to say

I recently attended the “Healing From Affairs” workshop presented by Anne and Brian Bercht as a “therapist-observer”. I came away from that experience very moved and impressed with the quality and content of the weekend. I felt the participants were given a road map for healing from a

Learning to Forgive My Husband’s Affair

Learning to Forgive My Husband’s Affair It’s been a week now that I’ve been home after the Take Your Life Back retreat. I want to thank you both from the bottom of my heart. The work you do is amazing. I truly don’t know how you do it. Living through this kind of pain time and t

The Pain of Infidelity

A story of the pain of infidelity and finding hope and recovery against all odds. Anne and Brian, Thanks for such an amazing time at your Passionate Life Seminars Healing from Affairs weekend. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate the scholarship that made it easier for us to

If I divorce after infidelity

“If I divorce after infidelity, how will I ever find someone to love me?” I wondered. Hi Anne, This gives me a great opportunity to sit down and write you a note which I have been wanting to do since I returned from the take your life back weekend. I wanted to thank you ag

Affair Recovery Weekend

I just can’t say enough about the Passionate Life Seminars healing from affairs® affair recovery weekend which I got to experience with my husband after his affair. It was filled with so much information and you could tell that it came from Anne and Brian’s heart. I think

Surviving Infidelity – warm, safe, caring

As funny as it sounds, we had a wonderful weekend at Healing from Affairs. I went to the surviving infidelity seminar to get answers and to receive healing and I left with a lot of answers, relief, understanding and healing. The whole weekend was wonderful. The presentation was great.

Passionate Life Infidelity Recovery Coach

Infidelity Recovery Coach Hi Anne! Mike and I are doing really well. The Passionate Life Infidelity Recovery Coach help we are receiving has been really helpful to us. Mike is still seeing our Christian counselor in order to deal with a lot of “junk” from his childhood. I

Extramarital Affair Blog Poem

Below is an Extramarital Affair Blog Poem written by a participant of the Take Your Life Back seminar A Healing Time Reflections on the Take Back Your Life Seminar A chance to purge A chance to share Memories beyond compare A chance to laugh A chance to cry A chance to sit And wonder

Best affair midlife crisis help

Dear Anne, I want to thank you and Brian so much! Your healing from affairs seminar and tele seminars was the best affair midlife crisis help and we wouldn’t of made it through without it. The work you’re both doing is crucial in helping out marriages and I hope you contin

Healing from extramarital affairs weekend was fabulous

The Healing from Extramarital Affairs weekend was fabulous! I could tell that Anne Bercht put a lot of work into developing the structure of the seminar, and it really paid off for us.  Every aspect was choreographed to excellence (since I can’t say “perfection!”) to

Healing From Affairs Seminar – Best Decision

Healing From Affairs Seminar was one of the best decisions we’ve made in our marriage I would like to say thank you (especially to Anne since she’s the one we got to know while we were in Dallas this past weekend) for what you have done for my wife and I in our healing process. 

We found love again

Dear Anne and Brian, I hope you are well. It’s been a while since we last talked, and I thought it would be good to update you on where we are. First of all, we are still together, working on our marriage. Maybe not as hard as we both would wish, but I think we are making progre