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Question: What do you do when your spouse works with their affair partner? Anne’s Answer: It’s bad enough to discover that your spouse has been unfaithful, and even worse to realize they work with their affair partner, making ongoing contact inevitable. When your spouse works with their affair partner, and you both desire to heal […]   Read more »

Dear Anne & Brian, “My spouse had a very traumatic childhood and my affair has triggered the buried feelings of rejection and abandonment. Since having attended Healing From Affairs, I have been able to understand and communicate how and why the affair happened and discuss it with my spouse. My spouse has decided to stay […]   Read more »

What do you do when your husband’s affair partner is pregnant? – Here is a biblical example child from an affair The post was contributed by a BAN coordinator. Hi Everyone, I was in a similar situation with my husband and his affair partner (AP).  I am a Christian and I used the Bible as my guideline for […]   Read more »

What do you do when there is a child from an affair? My husband’s affair partner just informed us that she just had a baby – presumably my husband’s!  We are both a mess. My husband and I are still together, and we are trying to work things out.  My husband cut off ties with his […]   Read more »

Question: My spouse has had multiple affairs, or at least more than one affair. What should I do? How many times should I forgive? What is the best way to handle your spouse having more than one affair … especially since I want to stay married? The answer so many give is: “Once a cheater, […]   Read more »

Question: I have spent the past 10 months reading any and all relationship books in an attempt to understand my marriage and my husband and myself, too. Quick summary: Been married 20 years, have 3 kids. First marriage for both. First 19 years I considered to be wonderful and nothing he did or said told […]   Read more »

Dear Anne – Thank you for your Website. Have you or anyone you’ve coached dealt with a husband who has hired prostitutes? My husband has been cheating for 7 years. He still will not answer questions, except that he has “hired prostitutes”. It has been a very long crisis that never seems to go away […]   Read more »

Dear Anne & Brian – My husband and I have been together 20 years and I had an affair.  He immediately went and started dating someone, even before he left me.  We separated for one month then he decided to give me another chance and rebuild our marriage.  We have been back together for 3 […]   Read more »

Question: My spouse had an affair with someone at work. What is the possibility of saving our marriage under these circumstances? Can my spouse remain working with this person or should I insist that my spouse quit and find a new job? Answer: It is very important to do a lot of careful thinking for […]   Read more »

(Even if this is not your situation, anyone healing from infidelity will find help in this article.) Question #1 I am particularly interested in the subject of a dear friend who betrays with a friends spouse. … How do I deal with this woman? I can’t seem to let go of the idea of talking […]   Read more »