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Why Do People Have Affairs?

Why Do People Have Affairs? By Peggy Vaughn 1. Who Has Affairs? We tend to think that only bad people have affairs or only people in bad relationships. But no one is immune from an affair. Monogamy is something most people say they believe in and want for themselves. Every survey ever

Creating A Happy Life After The Pain Of An Affair

Dear Marital Affair Survivor, How do you go about creating a happy life after the pain of an affair? That is exactly what I have been able to do and I believe it is possible for everyone, whether they stay in the marriage or not, but it will definitely take some time and some hard wor

I Just Found Out My Husband is Having an Affair

I Just Found Out My Husband is Having an Affair! You are Not Alone – Unfortunately Extramarital Affairs are Common Dear Fellow Affair Survivors, Last night was quite different than all the other meetings that we have had, simply due to the group being so much larger. We were gla

Myths And Facts About Extramarital Affairs

Myths and Facts About Extramarital Affairs (The following are some myths and facts about extramarital affairs which are based on research done by Dr. Shirley Glass, Ph. D.)   Myth: Affairs happen in unhappy or unloving marriages. Fact: Affairs can happen in good marriages. Affairs are

12 Steps To Forgiveness

12 Steps to Forgiveness Forgiveness seems almost unnatural. Our sense of fairness tells us people should pay for their wrongs. Understanding What Forgiveness Is Webster’s dictionary defines forgiveness this way: To give up resentment against; stop being angry with; pardon; give up all

Top 10 Signs Of Infidelity

Top 10 Signs of Infidelity by Anne Bercht So you feel suspicious that your spouse may be having an extramarital affair, and now you find yourself wondering ‘what are the signs of infidelity?’ Statistically more than 50% of marriages end in divorce, and many more than that

Disclosure and Recovering From Extramarital Affairs

(These words were written by one affair survivor at three o’clock in the morning, the night her husband confessed his affairs about disclosure and recovering from extramarital affairs.) So finally – the truth. I am relieved as I am nauseous…I feel more pity for him then sadness

Preventing Affairs

This article is taken directly from my book, “My Husband’s Affair Became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me” One of the biggest lessons we learned is that affairs happen to good people in good marriages. They are not merely the problem of an unlucky few, who jus

The “Need to Know” by Peggy Vaughan

Why we need answers to our questions When learning of our partner’s affair, most of us feel an intense “need to know” – asking questions to try to make some kind of sense out of what has happened. Here’s an excerpt about this from my book, The Monogamy My

Helpful Insights on Rebuilding a Marriage After an Affair

By Anne Bercht This is a conversation Brian and Anne had one Saturday morning over a cup of coffee while discussing one particular woman (Jane’s) situation. Because Brian has so many valuable insights into the mind of the betrayer to share, we recorded the conversation and later

If Your Spouse Had Intense Feelings For Affair Partner

How Do You Deal With Your Spouse Having Had Intense Feelings for Affair Partner – By Anne Bercht This article about intense feelings is not intended for those who have recently discovered their spouses extramarital affair, but rather for those who have been on the healing journe

Is Staying in a Marriage After an Affair a Sign of Weakness?

By Anne Bercht Question: How can I respect myself if I stay in my marriage after my spouse had an affair? Isn’t this a sign of weakness on my part? Answer: I look at this completely differently. The ability to forgive someone makes you a better and stronger human being. It takes great

Is a Person Who is Having an Affair Mentally Impaired at the Moment?

You just found out your spouse has had an affair! You’re struggling to recover, survive, cope, and just live through another day. You wonder what’s wrong with you. You blame yourself. You assume (although wrongly so) there must be something wrong with you. ‘I must no