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Hear the candid, real, true life stories of 3 different women, ZsaZsa, Katie, and Sandy, and how they navigated the devastating aftermath of the unthinkable – their husband’s infidelity! Learn from their mistakes, as well as their successes, so your journey to healing can be smoother, smarter and faster. On December 26, 2016 ZsaZsa’s world […]   Read more »

Three betrayed women, Barbara, Jennifer and Saari share their personal in-progress stories healing after discovering their husband’s affair/s. What worked and what didn’t. Great advice in this podcast. Listen Now! by clicking on the link below. Barbara was in her second marriage (her first marriage also ended because of her husband’s adultery), and this was […]   Read more »

May 4, 2016 – Melissa & Nancy, betrayed spouses, share their stories and what is helping them heal This podcast addresses the following questions and topics: What do you do when the “why I had an affair” reason doesn’t even make sense? How does a couple discover the real why? How do you get your […]   Read more »

October 14, 2015 – Betrayed Women Share their Stories of Hope and Healing to Encourage other Betrayed Spouses (Please note we had some technical difficulties at the beginning of this teleseminar.) Anne Bercht facilitates this teleseminar where you can listen to several betrayed spouses sharing their personal affair recovery stories of healing.  They share from […]   Read more »

November 7, 2012 – Charlene Rose Cathy & Robin share their stories. Rose: My husband had several affairs over a period of time, and the last time I just felt like when he wasn’t willing to work on things, I initiated divorce. I had been married 19 years. I absolutely went to take your life […]   Read more »

August 25, 2012 – Take Your Life Back! Cheryl Georgia Charlene Teresa Tina & Pam. Have you ever wondered what the Take Your Life Back retreat is all about? This teleseminar gives you the inside scoop on this life changing weekend. You will hear powerful testimonies from betrayed spouses who have attended this seminar and have come […]   Read more »

Anne Bercht explains what the Take Your Life Back Seminar is! Hear how Allison, Sarah and Jody are healing their lives after their husbands betrayal by clicking on the audio link below! July 16, 2014 – Allison, Sarah and Jody. Lessons from other betrayed women. Hear their stories! Allison “I’ve been married 31 years. I’ve known my […]   Read more »

Five betrayed women; Gayle, Maggie, Carrie, Jill, Michelle share their stories of recovery after their husbands affairs. December 9, 2013 – Gayle, Maggie, Carrie, Jill, Michelle You can get though this! We’ll show you how. Gayle Gayle is one of our Passionate Life Seminars Life Coaches, and she frequently coaches and speaks at the Take […]   Read more »

Amazing wisdom and help for betrayed wives. Hear the real, live stories from women who have been there! April 24, 2013 – 4 betrayed wives- Cyndi, Peggy, Carol & Carmen – share their stories. Amazing! Cyndi “I found out about my husband’s affair in February 2011. We started working on the marriage trying to restore. Then […]   Read more »

Hear 4 betrayed wives share their stories of betrayal, and their paths towards recovery! Start listening now, and learn from their experiences and wisdom, to help you on your own road to recovery! April 25, 2013 – Help for Betrayed Wives Part 2 Kathy My husbands original affair started in 1999, and was found out […]   Read more »