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June 9, 2017 – Greg and Krista share their Healing From Affairs Seminar success story (we apologize for some technical difficulties about 10 minutes into this teleseminar, but we felt the information this couple shared was important to share with you to encourage you in your own healing journey) We are always excited when a couple […]   Read more »

October 19, 2015 – Affair Recovery Story from a Couple Who Has Healed Listen to this inspiring affair recovery story about how a couple turned around their affair recovery.  Their story could be your story so listen to what worked and what didn’t work and how finding the right help and doing the work is […]   Read more »

Mike and Esther – Recorded June 10, 2015 Mike and Esther share their healing story…their “million percent miracle!”  Listen to Mike & Esther share how they healed their marriage after Mike’s affair was disclosed 3 years ago. This is a good, moral couple, who loved each other, with a good marriage, who never thought this […]   Read more »

When the wife cheats, there are some dynamics that are different than when a husband cheats. Todd & Teresa, Becky & Leonard. 2 couples honestly share their affair-healing journeys on this teleseminar. Find out why healing starts when the full truth is out, even though the one who had the affair is often reluctant to share the […]   Read more »

Hear from Jeff and Mary & Jack and Karen, couples who have attended the Healing From Affairs weekend in December 2008. December 23, 2008: Hear from Jeff and Mary & Jack and Karen, couples who have attended the Healing From Affairs weekend in December 2008. Find out what they have to say about the weekend, and hear first hand some of the things they’ve learned through their own […]   Read more »

Two couples who healed their marriages after an affair, Tim and Julie, and Tim and Diana, honestly share their journeys of recovery. April 21, 2009: Couples ‘Tim and Julie’ and ‘Tim and Diana‘ are interviewed by Brian and Anne. They candidly share their experiences – how they healed their marriages after an affair. Anne & […]   Read more »

When it’s hard to end an extramarital affair July 28, 2009 – When it’s hard to end an extramarital affair. Listen to an interview of a couple where the unfaithful husband took a long time to give up contact with his affair partner, but still, in time, they were able to heal their marriage. -Find out […]   Read more »

Affair Recovery Success Stories – Audio Seminar March 3, 2010 – Tim & Julie. He had an affair with a friend of hers.   Read more »

Affair Recovery Success Stories – Audio Seminar hosted by Brian and Anne Bercht March 15, 2010 – Dan & Laura. He took months after disclosure to end his affair. She followed her heart and hung on to their love, when everything else said quit. Find out how together they beat the odds.   Read more »

Affair Recovery Success Stories June 15, 2010 – Mike & Kim share their story. She had the affair.     Read more »